What is truth?

Something stinks !

“A conspiracy of silence from the Irish Media”

The news that the Denis O’Brien company Siteserv was Dissolved on the 6th August 2015 is common knowledge now amongst the protest movement and is now all over social media.

But yet not one Newspaper TV Station or Radio station to my knowledge has reported the story.

Why the deafening silence from all the Irish media?

It defies logic that this company which was at the centre of a huge political controversy earlier this year, when it faced probing questions from Catherine Murphy TD should close suddenly and yet nothing in the media.

As we all know Denis O’ Brien owns a huge proportion of media companies in Ireland who we might suspect would avoid telling this story.

But what about the rest, RTE TV3 UTV Ireland the Irish Times etc ? Why their continued silence?

Is it because Denis now threatens anyone who says anything negative about him with legal action amazingly including the Dail itself?

The closure of this controversial company is a huge issue and it needs to be reported and examined forensically so that the public know every last detail for the reason it closed suddenly.

Well let’s play our part in trying to get this story into the national main stream media today.

I would ask all our supporters here to do as I will be doing today. That is I will ring the following and simply ask:

TV3 Phone 01 4193333
RTE 01 2083434
Liveline “Talk to Joe” 01 2083263. 01 2082984
UTV Ireland 01 8509800
Irish Times 01 8781058
Today FM 01 8049064

“Why are you not reporting on this huge story ?”


Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


Just a few months into an investigation into this toxic company we find out the company has been dissolved secretly! This company that was shown to have benefited its owners over a hundred million Euros (A massive loss to the Irish taxpayers) has now been dissolved and not one word in the established news media WHY??? The owner and controller of most of the Irish media is also the beneficial owner of this toxic company:  This is the corrupt Ireland we live  today! This story stinks and the rats are running for cover who is going to be the fall guy????

see also:http://www.thejournal.ie/siteserv-whistleblower-2063416-Apr2015/

see also: http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/fresh-calls-for-investigation-into-siteserv-share-trading-674465.html

see also:http://www.thejournal.ie/siteserv-denis-obrien-2062117-Apr2015/

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