What is truth?

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh .


Weekend is here and wondering where to go tonight: fed up with the usual haunts and all the well all the known places: Looking for something special? Well how about this place .”Mickey Finn’s Pub” in the Wicklow village of Redcross! Now this place is not just a pub it is also a haven for fine food and a lot of crack! A well-known haunt for Local Dubliners down for their summer holidays and they stay a short distance around the corner in a camping park! You know what they say if you want the best place for food and drink go where the locals go! This was my first time to visit this place: I had heard about it from my son Stephen but never got the time to come calling around! Well last night I got the opportunity:

The place was busy and taking the time to mosey around I got a glimpse of the fine food been served and I found out they make their own beer on site ! more details here you can even visit the brewery
On Saturday Night they are having a “Hooley in the Brewery” night and I intend to visit there to night and give a short up date back!
Meanwhile I took these photos and short video clip to wet you appetite: If you are reading this and you are thinking of coming to Ireland then don’t short change yourself and miss out on this haven of the locals in Wicklow : Make sure to visit you won’t stop talking about it when you get back home!

Saturday 23.00 Hrs UP Date! 

Just back from “Mickey Finn’s and had a ball went off with my camera but the battery went dead just as I came in the door so I had to fall back on my other phone camera: The place was busy and there was a fantastic atmosphere and the punters were in great sprites! There are so many little places to get lost in !

If your not having a good time this weekend your not in Micky Finns!


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