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Right to water in Ireland

Just back from the water protest demonstration on Dublin: The rain cane down on us but the numbers kept growing and people’s spirits was high! The message was the same as it was in the last three large demonstrations We won’t pay again for water! But I noticed that the mood has changed it not just about water anymore now people want real change and a much more inclusive society we want our country back from the billionaire dictatorship and the puppets who are doing the dirty work on behalf of the hidden Troika! We do not want to see our friends and neighbours thrown out into the streets and evicted from their homes by corrupt bankers, we do not accept that the sick and dying must lose their dignity in some corridor in a rundown hospital ,we will not accept that there is no funds for schools, community services when politicians can expect the get lottery pensions and perks: Billions of tax discounts appear to be available to corporate insiders   but the low paid workers cannot live on the pittance they get for a hard day’s work! Our natural resources are been sold off the well placed insiders! We must now accept we will no longer comply with the demands of crooks in Government or Europe! The Irish people will no longer comply!

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Keiser report 802

S&P 500 Suffers ‘Death Cross’ For First Time In 4 Years

This is the first time that the 50-day moving average crosses below the 200-day moving average since August 2011, creating the ominous-sounding “death cross.” The month following this ‘event’ has produced negative returns 80% of the time

For the first time since 2011…

What happened in 2011…

2010’s cross was a bust, but 2008 was not…

Charts: Bloomberg

see also :http://thepressnet.com/2015/08/25/wealthbuilder-stock-market-brief/

your world can change in an instant! Help your fellow man!

A Forensic View of a Wall Street Bank Balance Sheet Shows How Much Risk Rests In Its “Assets”

I’m here to dissect the balance sheet of Morgan Stanley and demonstrate the solutions that I’ve invented to proof against what I see is an upcoming, nigh guaranteed collapse. Before we get to that, we need to come to terms with counterparty risk and exactly what it entails. Also realize that Morgan Stanley is not unique in any way, balance sheet wise. What goes for MS can go for any money center bank on the street.

Now… Counterparty risk, more commonly known as a default risk in some circles, is a risk that a counterparty will not pay as obligated on a financial contract – including bonds, derivatives, insurance policies, repurchase agreements, etc. Parties to a transaction may attempt to hedge this risk via offsetting trades or credit insurance, but a true offset or perfect hedge is rarely possible and is usually (in reality) non-existent. In addition, hedges are usually the most useless when they’re most needed due to issuess of liquidity, correlation, cross colateralization, rehypothecation, and macro/systemic disconnects.

Starting in 2007, I waived the counterparty risk flag for several financial institutions, nearly all of which collapsed within 3-6 months of my warnings – all having investment grade ratings and buy recommendations at the time of my warnings, by the way. Reference a sample of such warnings and the anecdotal notes that I pasted on about each:

Bear Stearns

The collapse of Bear Stearns in January 2008 (2 months before Bear Stearns fell, while trading in the $100s and still had buy ratings and investment grade AA or better from the ratings agencies): Is this the Breaking of the Bear? Notice the similarities between Bear Stearns in 2007 and Morgan Stanley today… Bear Stearns is below:

see full article at source:http://veritaseum.com/index.php/homes/1-blog/143-a-forensic-view-of-a-wall-street-bank-balance-sheet-shows-how-much-risk-rests-in-its-assets

Upcoming Event Seafood demo with the fishman in Wicklow Town :

Just now in Wicklow Town

Sammy the seal has pop in for lunch at the fishman shop down in the south quay Wicklow Town   Alan ( The Fishman ) tells me there will be a Free seafood demo with the fishman , Santiago ,Nicole and Maread tomorrow at 12:00 noon and all are welcome : Sammy the seal will probably show up some as well so bring the kids and good cheer!

Ireland: Today’s unlawful arrest to a water protester shows how far Ireland has come !

Today’s unlawful arrest to a protester who is also a resident of the area, Garda Brutality at it again.

Please share this around everywhere!!

Garda knew they were in the wrong after the video and had a chat all together the Gardai and the Detectives including Detective from Dundrum Garda Station Kevin Clarke were going to attempt and take my phone as they were all walking towards me as because I had this video, but I knew what they were up to and cycled off. Detective car and squad car went after me when I left.

This happened in Llewellyn estate in Ballinteer, South Dublin.



By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Here we have again the makeup law as you go along by the Gardaí against a peaceful protestor! We must note all of these blatant attacks on the constitutional rights of our citizens and bring these thugs to Justice after a new people’s government has been elected: These Thugs in uniform must be rooted out of the force and replaced with citizens who want to uphold the constitution and not the whimsical whims of corrupt billionaires and their puppets: All such criminal acts of the Gardaí must be brought before a court of Law and the perpetrators must be removed from the Garda force !

Ireland: Privatization of Ireland’s water hits the brakes!


Thank you for a great article :Today the market look’s like a making rebound but I think its a dead cat bounce and akin to catching a falling knife! When in doubt stay out!

The Slog

mouthballsNever mind the facts, let them eat bollocks

Asian markets have just closed. The Shanghai Composite Index closed down 7.6% at 2,964.97, leaving it below the psychologically important 3,000 line. Elsewhere in China, the Shenzhen closed 7.1% down at 1,749.07, and the ChiNext plunged another 7.5% to 1,990.71. Tokyo tried an early rally (the BoJ buying like mad, probably) but sentiment rapidly reversed that and so the Nikkei too closed 4.5% down.

Out of 2,200 stocks on the Chinese markets, just 12 (twelve) rose yesterday.

But nevertheless,”Investors are overreacting about economic risks in China,” Capital Economics said in a research note to clients this morning. “A combination of poor data and policy inaction in China may have triggered today’s market falls but the bigger picture is that we are witnessing the inevitable implosion of an equity market bubble.”

There are two flaws in that balm. First, it leaves out a few…

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Wealthbuilder Stock Market Brief

Sent to us to day by our good friends over at wealthbuilder who have been right on the button with their forecasts on the stock market : Thank you to Christopher Quigley for taking the time to post this to us:

By Christopher Quigley of www.wealthbuilder.ie 

If ever there was proof of the continued relevance of Dow Theory, the price action of the last 3 days provides all the evidence required. Today’s market collapse at the open took out the October lows in both the Dow Transports and the Dow Industrials. This move to ever lower lows reconfirms the initial Dow Theory Sell signal triggered earlier this year. Whoever shorted the market when this sell signal was issued is now looking at a profit of nearly 8%, year to date, instead of a loss of 8% had you bought and held, a differential of 16%. Technically all major indices are falling apart. The market is in fact so weak it is hard not to come to the conclusion that it is foreseeing a recession of some description. The chart of the % of stocks above the 200 Price Moving Average (PMA) finally shows the 100 DMA crossing the 200 DMA. This is a technical “death-cross” The only indicator not in bearish agreement is the NYSE Advance/Decline line. When this indicator shows a similar 100/200 DMA crossover, I believe it will only be a matter of time, based on historic precedent, before a recession will materialize. In the short term, based on the extremity of the oversold position, it is reasonable to expect a counter rally however, for now, the bull is dead.

full article in PDF for here:Wealthbuilder Stock Market Brief 24th (2)

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