What is truth?

By Brian M. Lucey


So this morning the news that Irish Water will, in all probability, not be allowed off the state balance sheet. It remains with us, unlike its instigator, Phil Hogan, now off the state accounts (except for his contingent liability of pension) Given that a main, and in principle laudable, aim of setting it up was to allow that, and in doing so allow it borrow away to invest without that borrowing being on the state headline debt burden, this is a major blow. But how big a shambles is it? Lets compare

We have lots of shambles in Ireland. It may be useful to scale them using standard scales. We have standard scales with which we are familiar – kilograms, megabytes etc. These may be useful. This idea of relative messes came from a post on thepropertypin.ie, on postcodes.

Below is a classification. Lets populate the shamblesverse.

1000 kiloshambles : Any state involvement in things IT, such as PPARs.

1000megashambles : Our transport system, which while improving has been “planned” in a manner that doesnt even reach incoherence. No coherence in tolling, in rail usage, dont even mention the world’s only tram system that doesnt join up,  speed limits that are bordering on the perverse…

1000terashambles : Our planning system for housing or the lack thereof, our general approach to property which is similar to that of a crack addict in an unlocked police evidence locker. We know its bad for us, we still do it…

full article at source: https://brianmlucey.wordpress.com/2015/07/28/irish-water-how-big-a-shambles-gigashambles-petashambles/


Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

An excellent diagnosis of the dire situation our country is in ! The System is largely at fault here (in my humble opinion ) The political system seems to attract self-serving parasites  and chances who only have to get in to the local party and in some cases only a few months of parish pump waffle is enough to secure a seat in the  Dáil and from there just sit tight and climb up the grease lather to the top and hey presto you are now running a ministerial department and your on your way to helping you pals into semi state jobs for life and not to mention those lucrative pensions : Corruption and incompetence  is a must in today’s political class ! Was it ever any different???? Loyalty to the top dog and to the party, is the only qualification that pays big dividends  in Ireland No other qualifications are necessary perhaps a brass neck as well ?

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