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Uniformed thug in An Garda Síochána gets severed summonsed to appear in Castlebar District Court

Colm, a member of Integrity Ireland and one of those assaulted by Gardai in Castlebar Courthouse on May 25th ( Garda brutality in Castlebar, Youtube ), summonses Mayo County Registrar (and sheriff) Fintan J Murphy to appear in Castlebar District Court on September 2nd to answer for his role in the affair. Despite a heavy Garda presence (again) and their displeasure with the recording of the serving of the summons I felt it necessary to record to ensure that Mr. Murphy complies with the law and shows up on the day and as a visual public record of the summons being served. Well done Colm. Hopefully it will inspire others too….

Members of  An Garda Síochána are supposed to protect the public not attack them in court ! We cannot allow thugs to bully us and certainly not in  An Garda Síochán ! This thug as with all thugs in the force must be routed out! Perhaps the force must be abolished by the next government!

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