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In an essay penned in June 2011 Bernard Connolly the author of “The Rotten Heart of Europe” explained how the European Union was actively morphing into the New Soviet Union. He outlined how democracy was being destroyed and replaced by bureaucratic command. I have to congratulate Mr. Connolly for his courage in expressing views which endanger his financial career but unfortunately many are coming to comprehend that his analysis is the truth if only because it places a rational paradigm on disparate activity that is actually happening to people in their daily lives.  Below I list eleven examples to support this thesis.

Socrates in his wisdom asked his Greek students to judge a tree by its fruit. If the list below induces an epiphany and makes you realise that the “fruit” of the EU is falling from a NSU tree then I urge you to act on that awareness and disseminate this consciousness and commence creating peaceful community alternatives.

  1. To soviets money is not a medium of exchange but an instrument of command and control.

When you comprehend this central fact you begin to understand what is currently playing out in Europe.


The Euro was introduced for political rather than economic reasons. As explained by Connolly in his aforementioned book the elites in Brussels knew that this hastily executed plan towards monetary union would have catastrophic effects on certain member countries i.e. Greece, Portugal and Ireland. However, despite these reservations, the policy was actively planned and promoted. Thus the current “financial” crisis laying waste to Greece was utterly foreseen by Connolly in 1995 and therefore very preventable. Before our very eyes the needs of the people of Europe are being trampled upon in the lust to bring about soviet style centralization of the European market economy.

  1. Soviets do not do democracy. Ireland is one of the few countries in Europe that has a functioning constitution. Due to its independent judiciary this constitution has been defended and upheld. According to the constitution any changes must be put to the vote of the people through referendum. Ireland has voted on a number of occasions to refuse closer integration into the Europe Union. However, in total rejection of the democratic ideal and in true soviet style, the results of referenda have been rejected by Brussels. Following the Lisbon referendum the Irish political class were privately “demanded” to orchestrate a second referendum when the original “no result” did not suit. This policy of Brussels has rendered national democracies and their written constitutions redundant.
  2. The essence of freedom within the western tradition in Europe is the operation of free exchange through independent markets. Sovietism rejects free exchange in favour of command economics. Over the last 40 years markets in the European Union have been manipulated through progressive and excessive “red tape”. The result is that small and medium sized businesses have been decimated and have been replaced by large “corporate” entities which are centrist creations operating through Fabian policy, funded by client banks. The end result has been the increasing dominance of the same economic “players” throughout the EU. This is Fabian centralization at work.

(Fabianism is the slow persistent application of socialist policy which achieves its objective so gradually that most people do not realise the radical change in motion. The word is named after the Roman general  Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus Cunctator (ca. 280 BC – 203 BC) a Roman politician and general, who wore down Hannibal by many years of attrition rather than through immediate direct open combat).

  1. Sovietism destroyed the free indigenous farmer in Russia and centralized its operation. The common agricultural policy has achieved the same objective throughout the European Union. Local family farming has been superseded by industrial level food production, control and distribution. These food combines are centrally owned and financed.

A similar strategy has been used to destroy the small fisherman in Europe through the  European “Fisheries Policy”.

  1. Propaganda as a technique of mental conditioning is an essential element of control under sovietism. Through “broadcasting commissions” central control of “real” information is being achieved throughout the European Union. Thus local and national newspapers, radio stations and television stations all receive their “news” from central “out-sources” with very little real journalism in evidence. This model has led to cross ownership of most European media assets by chosen corporatists. This group disseminates a consistent liberal/socialist message. No alternative philosophy, in the main, is given relevance or coverage. A “Pravda” type of “on message” conditioning based on obfuscation, confusion, distraction and “entertainment” has replaced news and analytical information across the EU.
  2. Sovietism is international. Its goal is the central monopolistic control of all the factors of production i.e. land, labour, entrepreneurship and capital; internationally. Sovietism has no use for nations as such.

Thus in true soviet style “Nationalism” has become a dirty word throughout the EU. To be a “Nationalist” has almost come to be regarded as a terrorist. The only political mantra given European credence these days is international multi-culturalism and global corporatism as both of these mental concepts suit the international soviet policy objective.

  1. Sovietism does not countenance independent thought. Accordingly Socratic classical criticism, the foundation of the western educational systems of the past, has been replaced by a blind technical mentality. The spirit of rational speculation has been rendered irrelevant in favour of a utilitarian dogma. The direct result has been a “dumbing down” in general academic standards and an overall destruction of critical consciousness. This explains what is presently going on in our schools and colleges and why increasingly these institutions “graduate” so many students who do not think for themselves but who are generally perceived to be in a constant state of “consensus trance”.
  2. Soviets have no place for religion. Thus, for example, in Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain et al it has been ordered that religious “objects” be removed from all “public” buildings. This secularization is an on-going policy and its objective is the total acceptance of a material Darwinian rationality to the utter exclusion of any and every religious and spiritual creed.
  3. Soviet policy fundamentally promotes the state to the detriment of the family. Throughout Europe, particularly over the past decade, family life has been undermined.


Take the following three examples:

  1. Family courts in the EU operate “in camera” through secret meeting whereby, in many instances, children are taken into state custody and fathers refused access. There is no right of appeal. Within these courts marriages are summarily sundered with little evidence required to substantiate a request for dissolution. Under many of the constitutions of the European states marriage is supposed to be THE institution the nation is pledged to protect, before all else. This is now no longer the case. In addition, under English common law, all courts should be public except in times of war or national emergency. (See report below by Lynne Wrennall on the crisis in child protection in England).


  1. EU states subsidise “lone unmarried mothers” whereby it is now economically beneficial to reject employment and commit to having children while remaining unmarried. By so doing these “unmarried mothers” thereby obtain a regular weekly income, food allowances, fuel allowances, travel allowances, crèche allowances, free healthcare and accommodation subsidies. All benefits are immediately lost by mothers should they ever marry. Currently in Ireland there are over 100,000 of these “lone/unmarried families”.


These policies are leading to a future generation which will never experience “traditional” Judaeo-Christian family stability and is thereby creating a substantial underclass utterly dependent on state subsidies with no sense of a traditional work ethic or social commitment. (May I add that what is happening here is not the fault of these mothers; they are simply accepting a “lifestyle choice” actively promoted by soviet style state policy).


  1. Soviets promote abortion. For example in soviet China officially “families” are only allowed to have one child unless special permission has been received. This policy has resulted in abortion being used as a form of “birth” control as is the case in Russia which is one of the few states in the world with a declining population. Throughout the EU the availability of abortion on demand has become European Commission policy. In Ireland the people have through many referenda rejected abortion on demand bur through relentless manipulation of public “opinion” the current Kenny government has caved in.


  1. Soviets quickly identified the benefit of moral degeneracy in achieving its aims of family, community and national decline.


Throughout the EU there has been a near collapse in the promotion of basic moral consciousness. This trend is affecting all aspects of life and is leading to depression, alcoholism, violence, isolation, family breakup and social atomisation.


A case in point is the scandal of pornography freely available on the Internet. While this is a worldwide problem it is a well-known fact that moral degeneration was a key element in the “toolkit” of soviet committees. The availability of this “hard core porn” to every child and teenager in their own bedroom is a terrible burden to many parents yet European legal managers and politicians refuse to tackle the issue. This state of affairs is evil made manifest but unfortunately is not happening by accident.


  1. It is soviet policy to have as many citizens as possible dependent on the state. Due to stagnant low paying wage levels, inflation, high cost of transport, high child care costs, clothing costs and take-away food expenditures it is increasingly becoming evident across the EU that there are serious disincentives to

work. More and more folk throughout Europe, particularly those with children, are finding it makes more economic sense to obtain social welfare payments than wages cheques.


A recent report by Professor Tol of Sussex University (see below) states that in Ireland in 44% of cases in families with two or more children it is now economically expedient to give up work and join the “dole”. (This report was posted on an Irish Government economics website but was quickly removed due to ministerial pressure). Unfortunately this state of affairs is not happening by happenstance but is soviet policy. Unless the level of social welfare payments and benefits are reduced throughout the EU and more well-paying jobs created it will become more and more “economically fashionable” for couples to leave available work. This trend, if it becomes systemic, will eventually lead to the “sovietization” of a major part of the European “work force”. This development has major social implications to society in general for as we have seen in America once a class become ensnared in a “benefit poverty trap” it affects generations and becomes almost impossible to reverse.



Thus if the above indeed is the “fruit” emanating from Brussels then I too am slowly and reluctantly coming to the same conclusion reached by Mr. Bernard Connolly. I too am beginning to realise that this “tree” in Belgium should not bear the name: “the EU” but rather should answer to the nomenclature of “the NSU”: the New Soviet Union.




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Faber and Faber, Great Britain, 1995.


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(C) Christian Fitzwilliam 14th. June 2012

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