What is truth?

Developer Sean Mulryan appeared before the banking inqury. During this testimony he was asked about his relationship with elected officials in Wicklow County Council along with County Council officials. In particular Cllr Pat Vance and the County Manager who was Eddie Sheehy.

He denied knowledge of a contract document which agreed the use of 20 acres of land that was zoned for social housing. This land was instead to be used for a road way to his development in Charlesland.

The signatures of this document were Sean Mulryan, Sean Dunne, Cllr Pat Vance & the County Manager who Eddie Sheehy at the time.

This agreement to contravene the county development plan was made in a meeting between these four. This agreement under section 183 of the local government act must be made by the entire council in a vote. This was not done in this case and the entire council members were not aware of the agreement at the time.

Deputy Joe Higgins tried to ask about the cozy relationship between the developer, elected officials and Council officials but is repeatedly stopped by inquiry chairman Labours Ciaran Lynch who claims it is outside the inquirys terms of reference even though this type of questioning has been permitted on several occasions with many other witnesses appearing before the inquiry.


By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

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This is Ireland, a Toxic,corrupt and still bankrupt country that is equally bankrupt in morals and respect for Law! We have a display here of a corrupt boys club of unbelievable proportions and the main whiteness are been protected by the puppet government who are hiding behind  obsolete rules they can change as they wish as long as they protect themselves and their buddies who ran the most toxic bank in the world for their pals ! The main people who ran these Toxic banks are not allowed to be called to this investigation!  These protected gangsters left the Irish people to pic up the pieces and pay for their gambling debts : These Gangsters have blood on their hands and they are going to get away with it Scot free!This Banking inquire is a complete farce and a total betrayal of the gullible Irish people! We have been stripped of our countries assets, our independence and our dignity! This highlights the corrupt relationship of local Councillors and the developers who in turn had these toxic banks on speed dial able to obtain “Loans” at the push of a button and the financial regulator we on board winning and dining with the big boys of banking, giving a whole new meaning to “Light touch regulating”  The current Irish  government are a bunch of lying snakes and our local councils are infested with corruption  NOTHING HAS CHANGED : We need to bring down this scam and rid ourselves of all the boys clubs all around the corrupt troika occupied country!

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