What is truth?


In Greece this week, a country where thousands of children already go hungry every day, the VAT-tax on food was raised by 10%.

In Greece this week, a country where small local businesses, on which many families depend, can barely keep their heads above water, deregulation measures imposed by the Troika that will be pushing those businesses over the edge was being celebrated by large multinational chain stores like the German-based Lidl.

In Greece this week, a country where there is mass unemployment, where more than half of the population is threatened by poverty and the poor already lost 86% of their income in the last 5 years, parliament had to sign off on another proposal from the Troika that will not improve the economy, will only increase the misery, while only helping to raise the profits of banks and international corporations.

Another week of European austerity and financial blackmail.

We have to stop this EU mafia.

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