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I hope to be attending the Lughnasa Games in on our fellow Druids in Celtic Camp Friday July 31st-August 2nd
Celtic Camp-Lughnasa Games @E90pp for 3 day/nights this is great value

Here is a taste of what s on offer

Friday 31July – start 10am – spear, axe and dagger throwing training at a wood target in the morning and competition in the afternoon. Full Moon Ceremony 8pm

Saturday 1 Aug – start 10am – instinctive / traditional 3D field archery training in the morning and competition in the afternoon. (Up to 6 recurve bows available, 3 arrows per archer require deposit of an extra E24 refundable on return, if all 3 arrows are returned…)

On Saturday evening we will have a log fire in the middle of the camp – there will be magical story telling session with tales of Dragons and Spell breaking.

Sunday 2 Aug – start 10am – theatrical sword and dagger skills training in the morning and practice photos and maybe even filming in the afternoon…-finish 5pm

If you have the time then book no limited places available  🙂

Full Details and how to book

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