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“Irish fairy castles”
Following on with our promotion of Co: Wicklow’s small and local business, Let us introduce to you Barry Mulpeter from “Irish fairy castles” www.irishfairycastles.ie Barry makes handcrafted unique garden features. He took a lease on premises at Croghan Industrial Estate ( Next the NCT in Arklow ) Arklow and hopes to be trading next week “I am just in process of completing a range of products for my business” says Barry ..I have received a small loan from microfinance Ireland to re start my business so a promotion on your page would be a great help to me……………………..
“All my work is handcrafted no mould is used in construction” “Like all new businesses I need all the help I can get to showcase my work”

Barry is on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/irishfairycastles?fref=ts
Barry is just one of many small business Owners who is brave enough to set himself up with no help from Official Ireland, so please spread the word around the County. If you have any contacts in any of the many Garden centres please pass his details around, I suspect his unique fairy castles might be welcome additional features they could sell on or you can buy direct from Barry!

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