What is truth?

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Ireland is under occupation from the corporate gangsters and they have bought off the political elite of the country ! Every one of the established political parties have sold themselves for thirty pieces of silver to the pimps in Europe! Our country is now a financial slave camp, our natural resources are been plundered and our people are impoverished , our communities are been devastated and the homelessness is at  famine time levels! Never before has a government been so hated: The latest way Greece has been blackmailed and humiliated  by the Unelected dictators of the European ( ECB/German Finance Ministry is a wake up call to the rest of Europe! Our own spineless traitors in the Irish parliament are a National disgrace ! Their willingness to stab in the back a Nobel people such as the Greeks is the last straw! This den of parasites must be brought to an end!  The ordinary people of Ireland are with you Greece: We say no the the ECB dictatorship ,No the Water taxes for a third time! and No the blackmail from corporate gangsters anywhere in the world! It is time for the peoples of Europe to end this nightmare!The “ODIOUS” on the shoulders of every Irish family must now be declared null and void and the gambling private  corporate gangsters should be run out of our country along with their prostitute politicians and bankers period!

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