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I am Irish and have been working in Germany for many years , the Deutsche Bank  are as you say at the route of all this financial crises! They are sitting on trillions  of derivative losses:( 870 trillion $ worth)  they are holding the wrong side ( Loss making ) to trades and insurances just like the AIG in the US: They have gambling debts all over the place and the bought off Irish Government have bailed out these gangsters debts by taking on the debts so Ireland now has 265 billion new debt in 2015  as against 24 billion in 2007! Thus enslaving an entire nation: Just look at the gall of these people trying to force the Greek people to take on more debts to solve a debt problem : Democracy is now at risk and the true Europe and its EURO  agenda is exposed to be a corporate dictatorship  and nothing else: Stop this blatant robbery of our FREEDOM! England do not make the same mistake! I am ashamed of our Quislings & gobshites in the Irish government as they helped to stab Greece in the Back!But the ordinary people of Ireland are backing Greece!

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