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Its not over until they have Greece destroyed ! The corporate dictators want no descent amongst the slaves!

The Slog.

Asked about genuine debt relief and restructuring for Greece yesterday evening, Jean-Claude Juncker, the Dumbo elephant in the eurogroupe room, told his questionner that this was not the right time to discuss “that issue”….and then flapped his giant ears to begin the nightly ascent to Cloud Nine, where life is beautiful all the time.

He’s right of course: the time to discuss “that issue” was in late 2010. A stitch in time just might have saved us all from the asinine – or perhaps not: insane beliefs lead to inane thoughts. Whether it’s Schäuble the Wheelchair Werewolf or Jihadists destroying priceless desert artefacts, the golden rule applies – those not quite all there are never going to care.

So it was that Schäuble schüssed through the Greek proposals on Monday and declared, “There is nothing new in here”. I am rapidly reaching the conclusion that the German Finance Minister is…

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