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I attach below the final update on the current Wealthbuilder  Option Trade Trigger for your review.
I hope this example was helpful.
The weakness in the markets persists

with the 100 DMA level breached on the Dow 30 and the S & P 500.

The Dow Transports continues to collapse and it remains to be seen whether they will pull the Dow Industrials
down to break the late December 2014 lows. Should this occur the Dow Theory Sell signal triggered in
early January will have been confirmed.
Trade Trigger Note:

QQQ June 19th. $109.00 PUT.

Of the 3 main indices (S & P, Dow 30 and the NASDAQ) the QQQ’s has been the strongest. For those of you
who did not take benefit of Monday’s and Tuesday’s pullback for profits of 30-50% I recommend the following:
Since late December last the 100 DMA has been an important QQQ level of support. Given that there is only just
over a week left to expiration if price action indicates a short term rally I would advise a SELL at best prices.
Managed Funds:
Prices on the two Super Global Funds (SDY & SDIV) continue to deteriorate and indicates the decision to
sell once the 100 DMAs had a confirmed breach was correct. The price action is indicative of
rising interest rates and the markets await with bated breath to see what will happen once
the FED becomes hawkish.
Please notice that XLP: (The Consumer Staples Fund) is collapsing (we sold 29th. May). Again this is a very bearish
indicator overall.
I attach charts and updated files for your study files.
Kind regards,

Christopher M. Quigley
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Qualified Financial Adviser.
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