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Dear Thomas,

Denis O’Brien’s influence over Irish media is increasing. He has successfully stopped RTÉ from broadcasting a story about him and he nearly gagged the media from reporting a Dáil speech that mentioned him. Now he is set to own more Irish media companies[1]. This means he gets to control even more of what we hear and read or not!

1,500 of us have already signed an open letter to Denis O’Brien. It will be delivered to Denis O’Brien’s company, Independent News and Media tomorrow. Can you sign the open letter now?

Sign here.

Powerful people like Denis O’Brien are not used to people standing up to them.
If enough of us sign this open letter we are sending him a powerful public message to back off! We are also sending a message to the media that they too must stand up to him.

And we are not on our own on this. There are allies in powerful places who are courageously working to ensure we have the facts. Signing this open letter is one way of standing with people like Catherine Murphy, the Independent TD who has brought to light the information Denis O’Brien is trying to keep hidden from us.

Uplift has grown from zero to 10,000 members in just a few months. Our community is growing stronger every day because of people like you. The more of us who come together to take people powered action for what we believe in, the harder it will be to ignore us.

Thanks for being involved.

Siobhán and the Uplift team

PS: Uplift members are meeting tomorrow at 1.15pm to deliver the open letter to Denis O’Brien. Can you come along if you are in the area? Here are the details.

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