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Dear thomas,

Tomorrow our MEPs will vote on TTIP, the dangerous EU/US trade agreement being negotiated in secret[1]. They get to make recommendations that could change TTIP – or throw it out altogether. The vote is on a knife edge and could go either way[2].

13,700 emails have been sent to Irish MEPs and together we are creating a huge storm. TTIP is a corporate power grab and threatens our democracy and environment. If TTIP is allowed to go ahead, workers’ rights, jobs, public services, food standards, health and consumer protections are all in jeopardy[3].

The vote tomorrow will be a huge chance to show the secret TTIP negotiators what we really think: the more MEPs we get on side, the more damage we can do to TTIP.

Can you email your MEP now? The more of us who send our MEPs an email today, the more pressure they’ll be under to vote against TTIP: Just follow this link

Email Your MEPs Here

The whole deal is shrouded in secrecy but from what we know through leaked documents, it’s scary[4]. Corporate lobbyists are working really hard to influence MEPs. We have a real chance today to put our MEPs under pressure and make a real breakthrough in the campaign to stop TTIP.

This vote is a crucial moment in the campaign. If we lose it doesn’t mean the campaign is over – there’s still a long road ahead, but the European Commission will use the result as an excuse to try and push TTIP through.

It’s not just Uplift members who are coming together over the next few days to contact our MEPs. Our sister organisations in the UK – 38 Degrees, in Germany – Campact, in Sweden – Skiftet and in France – Powerfoule, are all doing the same thing. Together we’re creating a storm across the EU!

Uplift members will always take a stand to protect our precious public services, and our democracy. Just a year ago almost no one knew about TTIP. But thanks to people-powered campaigning, it’s being pulled out of the shadows and into the public spotlight.

Please email your MEP now:

Click Here To Email Your MEPs

Thanks for everything you do,

Siobhán and the Uplift team

PS: Can you share this email with friends and family so that they too have the chance to put pressure on their MEP’s ahead of tomorrow’s  important vote?

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