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Independent TD this evening welcomed the news that, at its Cabinet meeting this afternoon, the Government are dealing with proposals to scrap the current KPMG review and will instead initiate a full Commission of Investigation as repeatedly called for by Deputy Murphy.

“From the very outset I have said that the proposed KPMG review was fundamentally flawed by virtue of the conflicts of interest regarding the appointment of Kieran Wallace from KPMG to conduct the review. KPMG had specific involvement in the Siteserv deal and other transactions within the IBRC. I also had significant concerns regarding the relationship between Kieran Wallace and some of the senior debtors of IBRC and its impact on the independence of such a review.”

“The information that is now in the public domain regarding the dysfunctional relationship between the Department of Finance and the IBRC senior management team; the irregular relationships between some senior managers of IBRC and senior debtors; and the circumstances of some large transactions within IBRC, has raised serious concerns in the public interest and there can be no doubt that a full, independent, and credible investigation is the only appropriate course of action. I am relieved that the Government have finally admitted their error of judgement and have accepted the point.”

3rd June 2015
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