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By Thomás O Cléirigh
If you look carefully on the Irish water bill below,you will see that the Bill charges for water supplied AND waste water removed! The amount of waste water removed is the same as the amount of water supplied BUT this is NOT the case as there is more waste water leaving the house because of RAIN WATER coming of the roof!
Now in Germany they have assessed homes by the size of the roof and the amount of rain water coming on to the roof through the local weather stations! This is fact as I personally have seen these bills for myself and this is why IRISH WATER have this distinction on the bills I expect they will enforce this part of the bill after the next general election and you can expect average bills of 800 euro and upwards! This is also to catch people who claim that they have their own water wells!
THIS IS ON THE WAY! We must fight this ! paying for the rain !
I have a rain barrel that can hold 220 liters and when empty ,if it rains it will fill up in the first ten minutes during a normal shower so imagine the amount of rain water coming off your roof you will need a new mortgage by the time you get you bill from Irish water!

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  1. It is almost like they hire criminals to think of new ways to steal our money from us.

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