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The report into patient safety and the deaths of babies at Portlaoise hospital is truly shocking but sadly isn’t that surprising[1]. Too many women and their babies have died in Irish maternity units and hospitals.

This must stop. Now is the time to come together and turn our frustration into action. Let’s make sure Health Minister Leo Varadkar knows that this time he has no place left to hide.

Leo Varadkar must guarantee that resources are provided to ensure mothers and babies are safe and treated with dignity in Irish maternity services. Follow this link to sign the petition now.

Sign the petition here

Midwives and doctors have been telling us for years that mothers’ and babies’ lives are being put at risk because staffing levels are too low. Ireland is well below the internationally recognised standard for midwife-to-patient ratios in our maternity units[2].

And it isn’t an accident that our maternity services are not fit for purpose. The situation has come about after years of neglect, under resourcing, bad management and lack of accountability.

Uplift members in a recent survey identified healthcare as one of the top priorities we should be working on together. We have an opportunity right now to stand for and to work towards a health system we can be proud of.

We also know too well the tendency to ignore promises once the heat has died down.  Building and keeping pressure on health chiefs and politicians to ensure health is prioritised and resourced properly will be vital over the coming months.

As a campaigning community of close to 10,000 people we can keep the heat turned up and focus health chiefs’ minds on fixing our badly neglected health system.

Here is the petition again:

Sign here

Thanks for being involved,

Siobhán and the team

[1]: HIQA Portlaoise Investigation Report (pdf)
[2]: INMO: Midwifery survey confirms staffing crisis

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