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I wonder if we in Ireland will have the foresight to learn all that is to be learned here? A Great post ,Thank you !

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KINGSHORSEEmily Davison died for Social Justice, not mere votes

The Suffragettes got the vote when they weren’t allowed to vote. They did not get the vote by voting.

The more glorious parts of English/British history – you know, those eras when we were on the road to that liberal democracy we’re now about to lose – had 0% to do with voting.

The destruction of the Divine Right of Kings was achieved by a Parliamentary rebellion and Civil War.

The 1832 Reform Act was passed by the Duke of Wellington’s government under extreme duress from protesters besieging the Palace of Wesminster.

The Safe Shipping Act produced the Plimsoll Line on ships because Mr Plimsoll threw an epi in the House of Commons.

The Labour Party got off the ground because of a series of constituency deals between the ILP and the Liberals in the 1890s.

The 1910 Parliament Act producing…

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