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“MyMedicalFile” TM.

This note was sent in to me to-day By a man I know personally and I cannot recommend more highly !  It Is a great idea and I’m sure will be of great benefit to all who will use it >Machholz

Organise, Manage and Control Your Healthcare ©.

By Christopher M. Quigley B.Sc.

The “MyMedicalFile” is a practical yet simple system to assist you to manage, organize and control your own health care treatment, or that of a loved one.

It has been developed mainly out of my experience of managing the health treatment of my father Michael who was diagnosed with an aneurism, skin cancer and diabetes.

In essence this file comprises of a calendar and an appointments management schedule. It has a section for important phone numbers. It has sections for every hospital department attended, so that letters and reports, pertaining to each treatment, can be filed and stored. It has a section for blood reports. It has a section for current medication regimens. It has a section for notes and sundry items. In short, over time through use, it becomes a complete health care management system for an individual or a family.

The medical file comes with a seven year calendar. Once you are registered as a purchaser, future calendars and schedules may be downloaded, which means in effect that the medical file need never go out of date.

In the event that you may be admitted to a hospital in an emergency we recommend that you bring the file with you. Thus vital data is readily available to nursing staff. Very often this information cannot be obtained from a patient due to their medical condition or the complexity of their treatment.

If you would like to find out more about “MyMedicalFile” you may call or email me. The “MyMedicalFile” costs 25.00 Euro. plus 5.00. Euro postage/packing and may be ordered by phone or email.

M: 086-8118-600 (Ireland 00353)
E: MyMedicalFile.ie@gmail.com

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