What is truth?


By Thomás O Cléirigh

The stench of corruption is nauseating all around the country ordinary decent people are sick to the teeth of stroke politics and “Insider” I’m all right Jack types who have infested all the corridors of power in this BA-NAMA -REPUBLIC: We want all corruption investigated everything O Brine and his legions of hangers-on brigades have their hands on! All Irish water activity must now be Stopped FORTHWITH ! This Boys and Girls “Insider” club is still around, this is just the tip of the iceberg !The Galway tent was a shed in the backyard compared to whats going on now in our country! Everywhere you look there is corruption and the system is rotten to the core!


The Judiciary is so corrupt it is just a joke  and a lottery type chance of getting justice but if you know the right people and have the dirt on the corrupt judges in this puppet state  of corporate Europe you can literary get away with murder! I am aware that some Judges have huge debt’s with the gangsters banks that they  have been more than willing to accomadate the same corrupt banks to steal the homes from in distress! You only have to look at the work been carried out by the  http://nationallandleague.org/

The Banks , well lets get one thing clear ,these dens of inequality are ruling the country as they are at the top of the pyramid co corruption: Whilst the rest of Europe enjoys mortgage interest rates at about 2.3% to 2.8% we in Ireland are fleeced with penal interest rates of 4.5 to 5.7% . I personally know of a young family with a hefty mortgage payment of 2,400 each month !in their case its 4.75% > Now the same bank is getting Paid to borrow the money they are lending out to Irish customers Yes that’s right the ECB is giving Irish Banks money NOT FOR NOTHING NO THEY ARE PAYING the banks to borrow these funds as the inter bank rats is negative at -o.2 %> Yep! The ECB is paying banks around EUROPE to borrow money !see ( http://www.npr.org/2015/04/14/399641297/when-rates-turn-negative-banks-pay-customers-to-borrow )  Now the Irish taxpayers bailed out these toxic banks and the same Irish citizens are now been screwed once again by the same toxic banks and the corrupt government is just standing by as the banks build up their balance sheets only to be sold off to the “INSIDERS” for a massive profit perhaps before the next election at that! I am calling for an immediate rebate for ALL mortgage holders in the state of 50% of all payments made from Jan 2008 up to the present day and furthermore  I am demanding an immediate limit for banks to charge mortgage holders  interest rates of no more than 1.5% over the ECB rate for starters!  Later, I believe it would be in our citizens interest to take the ownership of a home out of the commercial bankers hands altogether!  Perhaps you could be able to go to the local credit union and get an Interest free loan to purchase your first home !

Garda corruption  is well known and I have sent recent evidence of corruption to the minister responsible and I have only yesterday received a communication from the department that my concerns were been investigated so lets see what happens shall we?

We now need to start looking after our own people and the future generations by promoting a new courageous shake up of our system of Government and we must not be afraid of new ideas such as a “guaranteed living wage for all” our citizens ! OR A Basic income  for all” No I’m not talking about the dole for all but a guaranteed “LIVING wage “for all! We have for the past seven years giving free money to the Banks and other vested interests and I think we have nothing to show for it as the trickle down economics have proven to be disastrous for everybody except the banks and the select few “Insiders club” .Over the past 8 years our national debt has ballooned from -23 billion euros to 265 billion and counting today ! Where has all that money gone??? the people certainly haven’t got any of it ! Trickle down is not working not here or anywhere in the world so the next obvious way to encourage the economy is to put money into the pockets of the ordinary citizen! for more details on the Basic income see here: http://www.basicincomeireland.com/

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