What is truth?

By  kevin D. blanch;;
All you beautiful girls with flowers in your hair and intense passion and fight and vengeance in your soles, in 2015;; for you are now UGLY, as you traded it all IN FOR A mortgage and a shiny car;; THE ENTIRE heard of American sheep, MARRIED FOR FAKE MONEY;; from flowers to hairspray, from, lean strong body’s, to bad porn, from minds like a Michelangelo sculpture, to minds like a Avon print, from religion like an old growth California Redwood cathedral to a , green house tomato, from a sex and passion like a 1926 passenger train, to a prescription drug store drive up window;;; NOT ME;;
I will attempt to avenge the rape and giving CANCER in the womb of our mother her womb the Pacific ocean as you all stood by and watched her BE RAPED and did nothing;; she has CANCER NOW IN HER WOMB, she has been GANG RAPED by the fracking obedient obey consume generational aragonite AMERICAN BABY BOOMERS, drunk on IGNORANCE AND PROUD OF their Ignorance. THE PACIFIC GENOCIDE, kevin D. blanch 4/22/15

And you fake fucks say happy earth day I say, hang the fuckers who raped our Mother Earth,,kevin d. Blanch on balco 4/22/2015 see you on the landscape;;;;I will be the guy avenging her rape,, kevin D. blanch 4/22/2015

kevin d. blanch 801-452-1908 POST IGNORANCE,,,,SOME DAY

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