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Dear thomas,

Workers in Dunnes Stores who are fighting for decent working conditions are being intimidated. We all know that the best way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them. This is exactly what Dunnes workers are doing and they need our help – now!

Can you sign this petition demanding that Dunnes Stores CEO, Margaret Heffernan, guarantee that Dunnes workers will not be intimidated for trying to secure decent work conditions.

Follow this link to sign the petition https://uplift.ie/support-dunnes-workers

Last week, Dunnes Stores’ workers held a one day strike to put pressure on management to sit down and talk with them. The workers want an end to 15 hour contracts, to be treated fairly and to be allowed to negotiate with their employers through their union Mandate. 15 hour contracts mean that workers are only guaranteed 15 hours work per week.

We have an unique opportunity to help. Dunnes Stores can’t afford to ignore public pressure. They know only too well the damage that could be inflicted to the companies ‘bottom line’ by united consumer and worker power.

Since the strike last week workers are reporting incidents of workers being sacked, hours cut, workers called into meetings with management and long standing shift patterns suddenly changing. We are also hearing that management is compiling lists of workers who participated in the strike.

Lets show Ms. Heffernan that the only ‘bottom line’ we care about is how workers are treated. At a bare minimum, workers deserve the right to negotiate for decent working conditions. No workers should have to be subjected to intimidation, harassment or bullying for simply standing up for their rights.

Demand that Dunnes Stores stop intimidating their workers. Sign here https://uplift.ie/support-dunnes-workers

Thanks for being involved

Siobhán and the Uplift team

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