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It’s the most dangerous trade deal ever to be negotiated between the EU and US, its called TTIP and so far it’s being actively supported by the Irish government. This trade deal is bad news. It threatens to seriously undermine Irish economic sovereignty and democracy in favour of corporate power.

But the European Commissioner, Cecilia Malmstrom, whose job it is to negotiate on Trade, is rattled. She’s coming to Ireland to bolster the Irish government in the face of growing opposition to the deal.

Can you sign this open letter telling Commissioner Malmstrom that TTIP is nothing more than a corporate power grab and is not supported by Irish people. If enough of us sign it, both she and the Irish government will get the message that there is huge opposition to TTIP here in Ireland. It will take just a minute.

Here is the link: https://uplift.ie/say-no-to-ttip/

Big tobacco companies are already threatening to sue the Irish Government over plain cigarette packaging legislation. This is only the beginning of what’s ahead if TTIP is agreed. Multinational companies will not only be able to sue our government in secret courts, they will also have a say in how policy is designed. Our rights at greatest risk are public health, workers rights, consumer rights, food safety regulations and environmental protections.

Malmstrom’s visit is happening at a crucial moment. Resistance to TTIP has been rapidly growing in Ireland and across the EU, and we can already see the pressure is beginning to work. The government is getting increasingly nervous and are starting to change the way they’re talking about TTIP, using ‘softer’ language.

The big multinational corporations have huge lobbying power. But we can send a strong message to Malmstrom and the Irish government with people power. They can no longer hide behind false promises of ‘jobs and growth’! And the bigger the fuss we make, the more we can help the huge EU wide effort to stop TTIP. Please can you help make the open letter huge?

Please sign here https://uplift.ie/say-no-to-ttip/

Thank you for being involved

Emma Jayne, Siobhan and Adam

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