What is truth?

The allegations of police brutality made by Dr Richard O’Flaherty will  shock and appal people.

Claims that a Special Needs boy was stripped naked and whipped with his own belt are absolutely stomach-churning.

Equally disturbing is Dr O’Flaherty’s story about a diabetic woman who went into a coma after she was denied medication in custody.

It’s claimed that woman is now in a vegetative state in a care home in Limerick.

Dr Richard O’Flaherty

The allegations come after several major scandals have rocked the force to its core – but these claims are by far the most disturbing to date.

They describe a kind of police brutality many people would not believe existed in a functioning democracy.

The horrific abuses described are the kind of horror stories that we expect to hear from somewhere like Iraq but never dreamed could happen here.

It’s utterly unacceptable that the Oireachtas Justice Committee chairman David Stanton refused to allow Dr O’Flaherty to fully outline his shocking case.

Mr Stanton said the aim of the meeting was to focus on garda reforms but what can be more important than getting to the bottom of these allegations?

These claims cannot be simply swept under the carpet.

The doctor said he sent pictures of injuries sustained by people while in garda custody to former Justice Minister Alan Shatter.

We need to find out if he took any action on foot of such serious allegations.

An independent inquiry must be launched and any garda involved in such brutality must face the full rigours of the law.


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