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So what are we seeing here , a Garda Drunk with self importance and arrogant beyond belief places his foot on this helpless man and then pepper sprays him as he is clearly not able to move anywhere, laying flat on his back and handcuffed and otherwise incapacitated!  This is a clear assault on a helpless man and violation of the human  rights of this  citizen and this Uniformed thug should be immediately dismissed from the Garda force! There is NO evidence here of this Garda’s respect for his employer ( The Homeless Man) This is affront to all citizens of this State ! Are we going to allow this thuggery to continue?? The current Government have allow these uniformed thugs to run amok  in our streets and we the citizens must now make it clear we will not allow this to continue!

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  1. Malachy Kearns said:

    Hi. How do I contact you re amazing story ?

    Malachy Kearns – 353862540536 Roundstone Music & Crafts , Roundstone ,Co Galway. http://www.bodhran.com


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