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This is  Bernie Hughes , a Dublin Woman, a water protestor, a people’s heroine ,who stood up against an unjust and unfair injunction that allowed a known corrupt tax exile to steal the right of Irish citizens to peacefully assemble and demonstrate against a corrupt government and their corporate masters. These   crooks are currently trying to force the people of Ireland into becoming commodities and also enforcing the theft of our basic human right to clean water! This Brave Dublin housewife was jailed because she stood up and dared to challenge the corrupt courts to take away one of our constitutional rights! The People of Ireland are with you Bernie!Ireland today is a country that jails water protestors and rewards corruption and outright fraud as Bankers are sent of into the sunset with lottery pensions and corrupt treacherous politicians are given top jobs in Europe as a reward for giving billions to private corporations in compensation  for their bad gambling debts ! Corruption is King in Ireland

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