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the financial system based on never-ending accumulation of debts is shear madness! Time to reset the whole system! Who pays I hear you ask ?? WHY the 1% of course! These debts were created out of money that was created out of thin air and at the pressing of a button in the ECB : MY answer : Press another button ,the Delete button!

The Slog.

ChambptIf the Varoufakis memorandum ‘deal’ is so respectable, why do none of the players, or their Party bigwigs, or the markets, like it?

There’s a piece in the online magazine Counterpunch at the moment purporting to show how Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has ‘kept Greece in the euro by its fingernails’. Without going over the same tedious ground yet again, nobody can do that, because Greece doesn’t need to cling onto anything: once you’re in the euro, there’s no way out.
The piece continues as follows:

‘So, those who think that Varoufakis should have given the Eurogroup an ultimatum (“Reduce our debts or we’ll leave.”) simply don’t understand the nature of the negotiations.  Varoufakis was forced to operate  within very strict parameters. Given those limitations, he nabbed a very respectable deal.’

If I had a Pound for every expert who responded to an injection of reality with “no no, you don’t understand”…

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