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Dear Machholz,

This weekend the Labour Party annual conference takes place in Killarney where they will be discussing the EU-US trade deal, known as TTIP. This trade agreement threatens to put the interests of big business before people, workers, our health and the environment.

The conference will be attended by party members including Labour TDs and local councillors. We have 24 hours to put pressure on Labour party representatives to support motions rejecting the EU-US trade deal.

Send your elected Labour party representatives an email now with one simple click https://uplift.ie/labour/

Political party conferences set the priorities and shape the policy of the party. The next year is going to be really important as we head towards a general election. Putting pressure on the Labour Party to reject the EU-US trade agreement also helps shape their election manifesto. The more vocal we are about what we the electorate want, the harder it will be to ignore the growing public resistance to this dangerous trade deal.

If signed, the EU-US trade agreement will be the largest trade deal ever negotiated. It will ride roughshod over national laws and undermine the state’s right to regulate on policies that aim to protect people especially workers rights, public health, food quality and environmental controls.

The Labour Party conference starts in just 24 hours. Can you email Labour Party elected representatives in your constituency, just follow this link

Thanks for taking action.

Emma-Jayne and the Uplift team


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