What is truth?

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh
In 2007 we had a national debt of 24.8 billion today that debt is now 250 billion and going up all the time! So 220 billion has gone where???? Certainly the people of Ireland did NOT get these billions we took on 230 billion of debt and no one can say where it has gone! Just imagine what the country would look like if w the Government had given everybody say 300 Euros a week since the 1st of January 2008: According to my calculations the government would have gotten 55% back straight away through the various taxes and the rest would have been spent in the local economy. The government would also save billions by cutting the civil service staffing levels as they would now not be needed! This will come soon or later! Giving billions to the corporations and the banks is not helping the economy and machines are taking over most jobs so are these machines going to pay taxes to the government???


Ireland’s real GDP figure is 390%
Greece is 317% : We are worse off and we have less than half the population and a third of the workforce Greece has so this means we have a lot more Austerity to face if we keep this shower of Gangsters in power or for that matter ANY political party we need independents without party affiliations for a real change! WE ARE BROKE and we cannot service this ODIOUS DEBT period!


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