What is truth?

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Today the people of Ireland again came out into the streets in their thousands and made it clear to the puppets of the corporate dictatorship now running the country they will not be frightened off the streets nor will they abandon the 4 water protestors now languishing in prison because they dared to use their constitutional right to show their contempt for the forced austerity measures on the people of Ireland: Taking away the human right to clean water and forcing the people of Ireland then to pay a corporate gangster for the privilege to have water is an outright affront to all decent citizens of this Banana Republic ! We are now witnessing the wholesale robbery of our natural resources and our human rights, our constitution is now in tatters and we the people must now stay on the streets and fight to get our country back from this corporate dictatorship! Make no mistake these 4 people are in prison because Dennis O Brine wants it so! We all want to give our children a better life than we had growing up in this country,as a child of the 60,s and a survivor of the christian brothers industrial schools I was convinced I would achieve this but now the thought of handing over a future to my kids where they have to pay for the very rain to a  corporate gangster, tax evader and a traitor to booth tells me otherwise!Are you happy to pay this creep for your rain water???  What are you going to do about it????

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