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Ireland just came a step closer to all out revolt against the puppets of corporate Europe!

The Slog.

merkyanisAthens sources: Greeks plan to default inside Eurozone, Merkel seen as having “fallen into bear trap”

Whichever way you cut it, the only thing the Greek Government has done is to reveal an insoluble split at the heart of the European Union.

The view this afternoon among the Athens cognoscenti is that Syriza’s long-foreseen game plan alternatives are playing out pretty much according to expectations: that is, the Franco-German divide on federal futures and fiscal discipline is there for all to see….and becoming increasingly obvious.

The Slog first posted about this in November 2011, and predicted that, ultimately, it would lead to a fracture bad enough to destroy the EU. Earlier this week we saw Varoufakis ready to sign a French-inspired deal, and then the German Panzers rolling over it within hours. In the Parliament later, Tsipras did not seem surprised – and indeed, joked about it.

It’s time…

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