What is truth?

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


WE the people of Ireland have been enslaved by unelected European officials and their real masters faceless money-men who have taken the power on themselves to create money out of thin air and use this power to financially enslave whole countries: Today we as a country are bankrupt with ever increasing debt accumulation caused be the penal interest on private debts forced on to the backs of our people : we can NEVER hope to pay this ODIOUS debt : The time has come to accept reality : With 150,000,000,000: already gone up in thin air we need to ask the hard questions and indeed ask the real questions the puppets in the Irish Government are not asking as they are in the pay of the faceless money-men: They have shown themselves to be puppets, and traitors to the people of Ireland!


It has taken a Greek man to stand up and call on the rest of Europe to face reality: This financial enslavement of the people’s of Europe is not a system we want for ourselves or our future generations: Our democracy is gone and we are now commodities to be milked for every cent a corrupt government can get out of us : we have no lives other than constant fear of the next bill and constant juggling of the merger few Euros we manage to keep from the corrupt imposed austerity taxes: This Greek mans speaks the truth as we the ordinary people know it to be and deserves our support in his efforts!

The real question is where did this money go? That is 150 billion????? The bank bondholders got bailed out! They do not have the right to take people’s homes as these mortgages were paid off Correct?????These billions did not go into the pockets of Ordinary Joe! Can you imagine what the country would look like if it was spent on infrastructure, schools, retraining the unemployed, or invested in our water infrastructure, or what about a massive investment in our health services and education? So we the taxpayers took on private debts from our Irish banks and a lot more debt ( European bank debts as well) we paid 48% of the total European debt and what did we get the people get out of this deal NOTHING but AUSTERITY TAXES like the Universal social charge, slashed health services, ,Property taxes ,23 various new stealth taxes and the latest one is water charges not to mention the world’s largest Quango that has cost the taxpayers so far 3,700,000,000:Billion and counting :


These are NOT my figures these are government figures the real figures could be double that ! WHERE DID THIS 150,000.000.000: go ??????????? and why are we even paying this in the first place since these debts have materialized out of thin air the money lent came from the push of a button! SO I now say push another button and delete this debt!


Let us support the Greek people in our common struggle to bring back reality, democracy and freedom to live a life free of the financial debts of faceless money-men: Let us live for the joy of living and not for the fear of never ending debt slavery!


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