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The crooks at Bank of Ireland continue to steal from their hard pressed customers by applying penal interest on mortgages and charges just to lodge or take out customers own money! Yes my friends I went into my local bank yesterday to lodge a check into my own account: Because I do not have a ATM Card on my account I had to stand in the queue to the teller to do the lodgement! As I came to the bank teller I was advised that I would be charged .60 cent for the privilege of lodging my own money into my own account The same teller told me if I was to get a ATM card for this account I would only be charged 20 cent ! Of course I would also have to pay the governments tax on this ATM card as well. While it is not a huge amount it is no less the principal this corrupt financial institution that has been instrumental in the financial meltdown of our country still allowed to continue to rob its own customers! As there is only 3 Banks in the country that caters for the ordinary Joe we have been again delivered up to these corrupt gangsters by the Government again to be fleeced and robbed so these same corrupt financial institutions can bolster their own nonexistent funds ahead of some sale to faceless moneymen in the not too distant future when the bank vaults are full once again of taxpayers money! Sickening! When will we put an end to this corrupt system??

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