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At dawn this morning, 10 Gardai in 3 cars were sent to arrest a 16 year old water tax protester at taxpayers expense. Yesterday, a former FF councilor, suspected of planning to murder 3 people was arrested by appointment (he agreed to go to the police at a time that suited him and the Garda). See the difference?

Seanie Fitzpatrick and his cohorts colluded and succeeded in bankrupting this country with illegal dealings within Anglo Irish Bank under the noses of the Government and the central bank regulator, he too was asked to visit the station by appointment. He later faced trial and got away scott free in a trial where he got to pick his own Judge who dismissed the case.

Whats really going on? This is not about Joan Burton, (who herself should be facing the full rigors of the judicial system along with all her Fine Gael & Labour buddies) for the fraud and traitorous actions they have indulged in over the past few years. This is an attack on society, an attack on democracy, an attack on the sovereign people of Ireland.

One must ask the questions was Joan detained or was it a situation of her own making and stupidity trying to make herself a victim.

Ask the Question “Why did Burton decide to get into the Car?” She saw the peaceful protest & protesters.
Ask the Question “Why did Burton decide to drive through them?”
Ask the Question “Who was the real Victim/s?”

If the answer we come back to is, “Burton is the victim”. Then we are saying that this person, did not have the foresight and went ahead with her decisions.

(a) Open car door (b) Got into that car (c) Closed that car door (d) Instructed her driver to drive away (e) Instructed her driver to drive through the protesters OR “Was She Fully Aware of Exactly what she was Doing?”

The establishment know they have lost the Water War. They know we the people are winning and winning with peaceful protest. This has sicked them. They are now trying to incite a reaction, to incite angry protests. They are doing this, because they want to jail all opposition political activists.

Do not fall for their tricks, stay peaceful. The activists are winning. You the people are winning and our government know it.



The people of Ireland will call to account the corrupt Garda and politicians who are using these Gestapo tactics on demonstrators !

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