What is truth?

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Citizens of Ireland woke up this morning to see that the police state is now in full swing where peaceful protesters are at the crack of dawn pulled from their homes and arrested and it doesn’t matter if they are TD’s nop! The totatelly dysfunctional, dislocated, out of touch goverement has truly lost the plot and it is now up to us the people of Ireland to get up off our collative knees and rid ourselves of these puppets who are hell bent on transforming Ireland into a huge debtor’s prison! Greece has proposed a European conference on the Debt problems of all of Europe as the system of continuous debt is not the way forward and reality must be faced up to as these massive debts cannot be paid: Just look at Deutsche Banks (Germanys Anglo Irish Bank) Debts alone stand at 72 trillion in derivatives contracts that have at least 20% losses if not more! We are talking of losses in the trillions compare to Greece’s 300 billion( with a population of 11.5 million ) Irelands debts are 250 billion and counting this does not include the debts of state bodies such as Irish water who are eager to clock up 2.5billion in the near future! If you add up all of Irelands exposures we come to a grand total of 570billion+++ and with a population of 4.5 million it is easy to see that Ireland is in fact worse off that Greece and Enda Kenny doesn’t want any meaningful discussions about out true crises .i.e WE AREW BROKE and we cannot pay back these odious debts! WE must face up to this reality! Irish water is just the latest imposed tax collector on the citizens of Ireland>The arrest of these demonstrators is a downright display fascism and every decent democrat must now stand up and demand a end to this Government!

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