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A Dhaoini Uaisle, Please find attached a two page letter , which we are hoping you will copy and send to your elected representatives, councillors and TDs and indeed to senators who might be on your horizons. We hope that the letter speaks for itself, but we would like to get some feedback, and also an account of whom you sent this letter to, and if in fact you got a reply at all. There are a number of critical things in the pipleine for the PBFI, and hopefully for Ireland.We are planning a major event in early March, along with our German experts. We need your help in getting this letter to all elected representatives, and even to some would-be elected people. The letter imparts certain information and asks some 5 questions.We are hoping to get at least 10 letters to every elected representative, from people in their respective constituencies. This is an experiment, but it will also serve as a survey of sorts, but it may be critical in getting cross party political support for the plan to establish community/public banks accross Ireland.

Letter to your local Public Representative

We suggest the following;
1. Write your address etc in hand writing ,so as to personalise it.

2. Hand the letter to your rep.s and if not post them.

3. Send the letter to each and all reps in your constituency.

4. Encourage likeminded people to do same.

5. Get back to us with feedback and a list of representatives to whom you have sent a letter.

Seperate to the matter of the attached letter, we would like people to consider setting up local committees in the regions specified in the map on our website. While this map is not crafted in stone, it is perhaps very very close to a possible final outcome. We would like to see local groups take this project on.LEADERS  WANTED.



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