What is truth?

Wicklow :20.01.2015

By; Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

A quick check on Irish water activities in Gleabmount this morning revealed they had sent in a crew to collect their barriers around 10.45 this morning and as the rain seem to be down for the day no new attempts to go into any new estates was visible: I called into to support our friends manning the entrants to Rose Hill and spirits was very high all around: Hot toasted sandwiches were brought out and hot tomato soup to the protesters manning the entrance of rose hill! Support from Rathnew was also on hand: This community spirit is now a fact of everyday life up and down the country and the complacent and out of touch government and main stream political parties are ignoring this at their peril! A new dynamic and permanent change is in the air and the political landscape of Ireland has changed forever! The people have awoken to their own strength and they will not be forced back into a box: They have tasted their own strength and I advise all politicians to get out of their way! These citizens will dictate the next Irish governments manifesto and about time too!
Water is a Human Right!


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