What is truth?

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

As I witnessed peaceful demonstrators been arrested this morning ( Bottom right photo)I came to the conclusion  the Irish constitutional rights of the citizens of Ireland were shown to be only temporary rights as long as the citizens comply with the wishes of the corporate financial gangsters and their puppet s interests! The constitutional rights of peaceful demonstrators were brutally pushed aside by the Garda this morning in Wicklow’s Glebemount housing estate: Early on in the morning 30 + Gardaí arrived and forced their way past the residents who were demonstration against the forced installation of water meters by Irish water! Yes 2015 has come in with the realization our rights to disagree with the state will not be tolerated by an increasingly out of touch government and their corporate masters with the citizens! Millions are been wasted as unwanted and unnecessary water meters are been forced on an unwilling public!

The years of careful building up of community policing is been tossed aside for the sake of corrupt corporate greed and the oppression of the state is clear for all decent people to see! The Garda force is now obviously an instrument of the bought and paid for government! Yes 2015 has started with a bang! a slap in the face to the notion we are living in a democracy! Yeh! That is so long you do what we want and you vote the way we want and pay for the gambling mistakes and cock ups of criminal financial institutions! Democracy in Ireland is dead! Let’s face it we are now cash cows for a totally dysfunctional financial system being milked by an equally dysfunctional political system catering for the greed and financial well being of the chosen few! If you are happy to comply continue to comply and pay the blackmailers their 30 pieces of silver and stay on your knees!
But if you want to stand up and command respect from your children and yourself then get up of your knees and stand with you community and demand real change! There is a much better way! Demand alternatives that give hope for a better and fairer future for our children and our country!

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