What is truth?

Embrace Freedom!

By: Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

A message of hope to all for the year 2015

Each one of us are as important as the next and has something to give! But our political masters and the peddlers of GREED ( World Banking class) have taken over our democracy and we are now forced into debt as a way of life.This promised goal of financial prosperity and improved standards of living by saddling ourselves and future generations with unsustainable debt is not a system we can support as we do not have the right to our future generations, no more than the previous generation did to us! Listen to the words in this clip and recognize the truth!We must be ready to make a stand for ourselves and our children and their children! In order to keep this sick system afloat we now hear the drums of war beating and we are the one who may be forced to spill our blood ,as the greed merchants  and their political lackeys continue to feast on our demise! Get up off you knees and  embrace freedom!

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