What is truth?

If we have learned anything yesterday we have all now seen with our own eyes that RTE is lying on behalf of the corrupt government: I would also seem that most journalists in Ireland are also unable to count! To say that there were only 30 thousand people at Wednesdays’ demonstration is plainly insulting to myself and the 100,000 plus citizens who braved the bitter cold and wind and made a point in exercising their constitutional right to protest peacefully! We need not take up anymore time here on proving this assertion! RTE has turned its back on the ordinary citizens of Ireland and have prostituted themselves to the gangsters in Government! Nevertheless they will have a price to pay when the people of Ireland make a clean sweep of that Den of thieves they call “The Dáil” 100,000 people know they were there and they have families and friends! Ireland and her people are not for sale and we will bring down anybody who will try to make us into commodities or consumers for the shit and crap we are continuously been exposed to! News Flash! News Flash as I write this note I hear Dennis O Brien has just Esso Ireland! So add this to the long list of boycott companies this parasite has! The crowds at Wednesdays’ march were so great I was not able to meet up with our fellow citizens of “Dublin says no” , so hopefully we will meet up again on Sunday outside the central bank at 12.00. You are all true heroes of modern Ireland >

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