Enda Kenny asked a Garda last week if he felt he was immune from cuts.

These are the pay and perks that Enda Kenny and the other 225 members of Leinster House receive.

1 – Basic wage of a TD: € 92,672
2 – Basic wage of a Senator: € 65,621

Additional payments for TDs are as follows:
3 – Additional payment for a Minister of State: €37,370
4 – Additional payment for super Ministers of State: € 17,205 (plus € 37,370 above)
5 – Minister (€ 76,603)
6 – Tanaiste (€ 91,733)
7 – Taoiseach (€ 107,328)
8 – Ceann Comhairle (€ 76,603)
9 – Leas Ceann Comhairle (€ 37,370)

10 – Chairpersons of Oireachtas committees (Andrew Doyle, Ciarán Lynch, Dominic Hannigan, Alex White, Pat Breen,Jerry Buttimer, Joanna Tuffy, Peadar Tóibín, Damien English, David Stanton, Thomas Pringle, Seán Barrett, John McGuinness , Tom Hayes): €9,500

11 – Member of Oireachtas Commission (Senator John Whelan, Senator Tom Sheahan, Senator Marc MacSharry, Deputy Frank Feighan, Deputy Dan Neville, Deputy John Browne, Deputy Catherine Byrne, Deputy Jack Wall ): €9,500

Chief whips
12 – Chief Whip (Paul Kehoe): no payment specified in One Stop Shop
13 – Assistant Government Whip (Emmet Stagg): €15,000
14 – Whip to Labour Party (Emmet Stagg): no payment specified in One Stop Shop
15 – Asst Whip to Fine Gael (Joe Carey): €7,500
16 – Asst Whip to Labour (John Lyons): €6,000
17 – Whip to Fianna Fail (Sean O’Fearghail): €19,000
18 – Asst Whip to Fianna Fail (John Browne): €9,500
19 – Whip to Sinn Fein (Aengus Ó Snodaigh): €6,000
20 – Asst Whip to Sinn Fein (Jonathan O’Brien): €3,000
21 – Whip to Socialist Party : €6,000
22 – Whip to People Before Profit : €6,000

Additional payments for Senators are as follows
22 – Cathaoirleach (Paddy Burke): €44,336
23 – Leas-Chathaoirleach (Denis O’Donovan): €24,429
24 – Leader of the Seanad (Maurice Cummins): €19,439
25 – Deputy Leader of the House (Ivana Bacik): €9,500
26 – Government Whip (Paul Coghlan): €6,000
27 – Assistant Government Whip (Susan O’Keeffe): €4,000
28 – Fianna Fáil Leader (Darragh O’Brien): €9,500
29 – Independent Group of Nominee Senators’ Leader (Jillian Van Turnhout): €6,000
30 – Independent Group of University Senators’ Leader (Ronan Mullen): €6,000
31 – Fianna Fáil Whip (Diarmuid Wilson): €6,000
32 – Independent Group of Nominee Senators’ Whip (Katherine Zappone): €4,000
33 – Independent Group of University Senators’ Whip (Sean Barrett): €4,000
34 – Select Committee on Members’ Interests of Seanad Éireann (Ivana Bacik, Deirdre Clune,David Cullinane, Maurice Cummins, Ronan Mullen, Darragh O’Brien, Jillian Turnhout) : €3,100 per annum

35 – TDs and senators contribute 6% of their salary a year for up to a maximum of 20 years in order to benefit from the Dail pension scheme. It is a final salary scheme which allows for a maximum of ½ the final salary to be paid for life from aged 65 – 1/40th of final salary is accrued for each year of service. It provides for a lump sum upon retirement and it is possible to take early retirement from age 50.

36 – Travel and Accommodation: €12,000 – €37,850 per annum depending on distance from the Leinster House. Senators get paid €7,000 – €32,850 per annum and so-called “office holders” get paid €8,400 – €36,150 per annum
Public Representation Allowance: €15,000 for TDs (no evidence of expenditure required – unvouched) or up to €25,700 (supported by invoices and receipts – vouched); Ministers €12,000 (unvouched) to €20,000 (vouched); Senators €9,250 (unvouched) to €15,000 (vouched)

37 – Dual abode allowance: This applies to ministers only and allows Ministers to claim tax deductions on mortgages, rental or hotel accommodation PLUS tax deductions for maintaining property and other expenses which can be up to €6,500.

38 – Ministers can claim a tax deduction on the interest on any loan required to purchase a second residence.

39 – Ministers can claim a tax deduction on maintenance required on any second residence. € 6,500

40 – Ministers can claim the entire cost of rental accommodation if their second residence is rented.

41 – Ministers can claim a tax deduction on the cost of maintaining a second rented residence.

42 – As an alternative to 41 Ministers can claim a tax deduction of €4,500

43 – If Ministers use a hotel or guest house as a second residence they an claim for the entire cost IN ADDITION to €72.66 for subsistence.

44 – If Ministers use a hotel or guest house as a second residence they an claim for maintenance costs (e.g. laundry)

45 – As an alternative to 44 Ministers can claim €3,500

46 – Allowance for Independent TDs
€ 41,152 per annum each for the 18 independent TDs (Stephen Donnelly, Luke Flanagan, Mick Wallace, Shane Ross, Thomas Pringle, Michael Healy-Rae, Michael Lowry, Finian McGrath, Mattie McGrath, Tom Fleming, Noel Grealish, John Halligan, Catherine Murphy, Maureen O’Sullivan PLUS four TDs who have had the party whip removed Tommy Broughan, Willie Penrose, Denis Naughten and Patrick Nulty ).

47 – Allowance for Independent Senators
€ 23,388 for 11 independent senators (John Crown, David Norris, Sean Barrett, Martin McAleese, Feargal Quinn, Ronan Mullen, Fiach Mac Conghail, Marie-Louise O’Donnell, Jillian van Turnhout, Katherine Zappone, Mary Ann O’Brien.

48 – Termination payments:
These are due to of a lump sum upon termination PLUS a monthly payment for up to a year. As long as you have at least six months service in either the Dail or Seanad, you get a termination payment of two months salary. The monthly payment depends on how many years you’ve been a TD or senator eg for five years, you get three months at 75% of your salary. If you have over 14 years service, then you’d be entitled to 6 months at 75% of salary plus the following six months at 50% of salary.

49 – Mileage Allowances

50 – Each minister and minister of state, except An Taoiseach, An Tanaiste and justice minister, is entitled to recruit two drivers apiece at a cost which is charged to each department.

51 – Attendance of a TD at a “parliamentary assembly” carries hotel expenses and a subsistence allowance for “entertaining”

52 – Parliamentary assistants allowance (no requirement by Oireachtas members to report appointing members of their own families)
Up to €41,092 per TD for secretarial assistance, PR, IT and training
€8,000 per TD to set up and kit out a constituency office

Additional perks
53 – Free parking in central Dublin (normal cost €12 per day approx)
54 – Free gym
55 – Free subsidised restaurant
56 – Private members bar with subsidised drinks
57 – Free tax advice service
58 – Free language lessons
59 – Postage: – 1,500 free postage items per month for TDs and 1,000 for senators.
60 – Free ink cartridges: up to the value of €2000 annually
61 – Free unlimited telephone calls (landline)
62 – Mobile phone allowance: €750 every 18 months
63 – Free office in Leinster House for TDs & Senators
64 – VHI free
65 – Free Automobile A insurance
66 – Free car insurance.
67 – Free personal accident and death insurance
68 – Individual state funding for political parties