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With regards to Irish mortgages, I am of the personal belief that no first home mortgage should be a commercial financial event! By this I mean no bank should be involved and it should not be a opportunity for the banks to make money off the right of the citizen to a roof over their heads. So I propose that the post office or credit unions be empowered to offer state mortgages ,these mortgages would be provided by the state up to a limit of the national average house price> These mortgages should not charge any more that 1.5% interests and should run for 30 years . There should also be a compulsory life insurance to cover the event of an untimely death! If you have had a first home and want to move on to a second home then you will have to deal with the banks! This system would be a much better way of controlling Banks and their greed! Under no circumstances should there be any tax on a home, water or the air we breathe!
General taxation is suffocating our ability to live a normal life as the costs of Big brother is tottelly out of control and all of the establishment , Union Bosses, Health services providers, education providers, financial providers and especially the keepers of the civil piece (Police)are all bought into the “I’m all right Jack “ club. As they enjoy lottery salaries and pension perks we the oppressed taxpayers have to pay for even the charities of the state are infested by parasites feathering their own nest! This is a nationwide problem as self-serving elite and their “insider pals” now seem bent on making the ordinary citizen pay for their millionaire lifestyles as they destroy the fabric of our communities and whatever holds us as a people together !All we have to do is cut the cost of delivering community services and that means drastically cutting the salaries and perks of the corrupt politicians, the “retired “ politicians and other servants of the people” who have over the years given themselves lottery salaries ,pensions, and perks.
The state’s 140 Quango’s must be abolished .We must also follow the money when we donate to others to make sure that every euro is actually getting to where it is supposed to go and not into some top slick’s salary ! But before we give to others we must tender to our own needy. Education, a home and water are fundamental human rights and must not be subject to a tax. We must look to a future base on the true nature of our people, our true culture and not based on greed and welfare of a chosen few, who run multi corporations behind closed doors! The top 1% is where the rot is and it and its puppets must be destroyed to save our own future! Its them or us, this is a war on the poor. We are been exterminated slowly but surely! Stand with you local community and fight for you own future and your children’s future! There is a better way and big government is certainly not the way!
The Burden of Taxation forced on us by the puppets of the 1% elite must be stopped!

This is my tuppence halfpenny’s  worth

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