What is truth?

This is the way the Gardaí are treating peaceful  protestors but you wont hear anything about this on the RTE or the Dennis O Brine controlled media its up to the likes of Facebook and this site to expose what is really going on : The RTE radio show Joe Duffy “Live Line” spent an afternoon complaining about the imprisonment of a Cabinet Minister in her ministerial car by protestors over the weekend (see photo: Does she look terrified to you???) 10478534_354511718054972_1599145588846399155_n

and then they published a so called poll where the majority declared their rejection of the protestors involved in that protest : This was to be expected as the State media is just the mouthpiece of the corrupt and bought off government by the corporate gangsters who are trying to steal our country from us and are forcing us to become financial slaves :
Let the truth be known to all !These thugs in Uniform must be brought up on assault charges and dismissed from the police force otherwise the rule of law is just a farce and the citizens of this country will have to seek other measures to rid ourselves of this banker/corporate dictatorship and their thugs in uniform! The Law is for all the citizens !

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