At Monday 10th of Novembers special meeting of Wicklow County Council it was sickening to listen to members of the Fine Gael Party as they attacked councillors and TD’s for having the audacity to stand with their electorate regarding the water charges. Time and time again we had blistering attacks on other councillors in the room and Cllr John Ryan had the sheer brass neck to say the people had no right to be annoyed at the Water Charges as the treacherous Fine Gael government had signalled their intent to inflict these charges before the election.

DemocracyCouncillor Ryan was right in one comment he made. He said he had a completely different view of the world to most of the councillors around the table. His view comes from living in complete LaLa land and closing his ears to 250,000 people who marched on Nov 1st that would have a real world view of the traitorous way his party has managed the affairs of both Wicklow and the Country. But when you take into account that a sitting TD’s family member is the personal secretary of the senior management in Wicklow county council you can see how this all is a happy nest of vipers.

Cllr Ryan repeatedly said that “Democracy is very important to me” and he also went on to say that because of this “we vote in a government to tell all of us what we can and can’t do”. This is Cllr Ryans twisted view of democracy. Sounds suspiciously like a Fine Gael dictatorship to me. His supporters must be very proud provided they do what they are told. Ryan said he is happy to do what he is told. Which he demonstrated by trotting out the party line like a good foot soldier instead of standing with his electorate in Wicklow.

He then went on to trot out the usual Fine Gael diatribe of how we are borrowing and haven’t enough money. He failed to mention that we might have enough money if we stopped buying landlocked pieces of land in three trouts for €3 million euro that isn’t even worth €300,000. We might have enough money if we didn’t create circumstance where firefighters die and we spend money we haven’t got defending it. We might have enough money if the Enterprise Park wasn’t used as a vehicle to buy parcels of land all over east Wicklow. We might have enough money if we didn’t facilitate illegal dumping and then have to clean it up. We might have enough money if we didn’t by Claremont campus and hand it over to another counties third level college for nothing. The list is endless and thats just Wicklow. What must the total be for all councils and the Dail. The cost of waste and corruption in toal must be just mind blowing.

Cllr Ryan then waxed lyrical on how charging people for water was the right thing to do and pulled the whole chestnut of conservation out of his arse as if the people actually believed this was nothing to do with paying bondholders, banker bonuses and the writing off of €21 billion in AIB debt. That’s 63 years of water tax by the way. He then claimed that this water charge was an exercise in educating the great unwashed masses in water conservation. The sheer arrogance and condescending tone was astounding.

He finally admitted that the government were not capable or intelligent enough to come up with another way to raise the above mentioned money to pay for the gravy train. He also said that this unjust tax was such a victory for the people who have had to suffer water shortages because of the incompetent way the Vartry situation has been handled.

Lies and deceptionCllr Irene Winters was another of the Fine Gael rabble that came in to peddle the lies and mistruths that Fine Gael have been hammering into the media of late. She started off with the forked tongue comment that she agreed with a lot of what had been said in chamber as all the non Fine Gael councillors railed against Irish water and the infliction of the Fine Gael Banker water charge. This was all a smoke screen as she went on to prove that she indeed didn’t agree with the 23 other councillors. She was whole heartedly for the infliction of water charges on the people of Wicklow whether they wanted them or not. She did as the party whip instructed her and abandoned the ordinary people of Wicklw which she was supposed to represent.

She said she had been to a Fine Gael love-in the week before and I think we were supposed to be impressed when she said there was a thousand people there. She also said that 7 of the front bench were there. Which is indeed impressive considering none of these cowards can be seen on the late late show or any other tv debate program. They send out useless back benchers with no idea such as Andrew Doyle to these programs. To peddle the nonsense that Cllr Winters peddled that it was all a miscommunication issue and that Enda Kenny would appear like the second coming next week to fill us in on how these charges will be shoved down our throats. Shoved down our throats whether we like it or not. That is more democracy Fine Gael style. All fully supported by the Fine Gael councillors in Wicklow County Council. Unlike the Fine Gael Councillors in Westmeath who actually stood with their people.

She made out that people were waiting with baited breath to hear these lies and spin and that she wished she had the answers to give to people today. Can someone find the person that actually asked for these answers and find out why the hell he wants them for? From where the rest of the country is sitting outside this Fine Gael bubble of lies, deception and spin there is only one answer we want. When is the whole water charge thing going to be scrapped?

She then went on to peddle another lie invented by Fine Gael that the only way to find the leaks was to have these billing metres installed which any plumber I’ve spoken to has said is a complete fabrication. She said the metres were one of the most accurate ways to find where the problems are.