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WICKLOW COUNTY COUNCIL have voted no confidence in Irish Water and called for the abolition of water charges.

In a special meeting today, a number of motions relating to Irish Water and water charges were tabled and supported by the majority of councillors present.

One motion passed was a vote of no confidence in Irish Water and called for its abolishment. There were further calls on the government to immediately reverse water charges and to stop the water metering process.


Another motion passed today stated:

Wicklow Co Council calls on the government to respect the wishes of hundreds of thousands of people throughout this county and country by abolishing Irish Water and returning the staff and financial resources to the Local Authorities to upgrade the water infrastructure throughout the country.

Furthermore, that the government reviews all taxation revenue and prepares a budget which will include upgrading of the water infrastructure with new fiscal and capital spending budgets, by cutting quangos and waste.

This was passed by passed by 23 votes to 6. Three Councillors were not present at the meeting.

The council also called on the Government to hold a constitutional referendum to retain public ownership of water services and infrastructure

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