What is truth?

The latest report on how much we can expect to pay Irish water is this::

Tánaiste Joan Burton has said that a familly of four adults will pay water charges below €200 per annum.

She told the Dáil today that the level of water charges would be “modest and will provide for this country a supply of clean water”.

In heated exchanges this afternoon, Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins asked what a family of two adults with two grown up children living at home woud pay.

Ms Burton responded: “I am perfectly happy to say that it is my view that the charge in relation to the type of family and household you have indicated will be below €200 .”

Mr Higgins said that many families could not afford the charges and accused the Government of “staggering from one crutch to another” to extricate itself from the controversy. He added that the water charges should be abolished.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny told the Dail it was time for Irish Water to step up.

He said the purpose of establishing the company was to deal with a situation which was neglected for years in Ireland.

“Government is about making decisions,” he said. “We do not get it right all the time by any means and, obviously, there are times when you have to look at how decisions can be improved upon and this is one of them.”

Mr Kenny was replying to Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin who said that more than 150,000 people had marched on Saturday in opposition to the new utility.

There were many people not in a position to pay the charges, he added.

“Is it time, Taoiseach, to step down Irish Water ? ,” he added.

Mr Kenny said that the mandate given to the Government was to sort out the mess Fianna Fáil had left behind.

“I know very well the challenges and the difficulties that this has been for so many people arising from negative equity, unemployment, loss of jobs and so on,” he said.

BUT BUT BUT wait a moment take a look at this then lads!

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The cost of the recent 1% cut in the higher rate of income tax was €319m. Enda Kenny says it would take four of these to make up for what the Government would loose if we don’t pay for water or €1,276m. They say there are approx 1.6 million homes liable so that would be €797 per household. So now which of these two water charge cost tables do you think apply ?, the lower one from Water.ie or the one based on our figures which show a that a house with three adults (inc say a child over 18) and one under 18 will be charged €805 or a house with two adults and three children under 18 will be charged €864. Thanks for clearing that up Enda. Now a word of advice, when in a hole you should stop digging !!!.

What we have here is failure to communicate !


The corporate puppets in the Irish government are NOT listening !


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