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The message here in Kerry and Nationwide today should not fall on deaf ears. We the Irish people own the natural resource that is water which we already pay for through taxation. Our county and country has and is being mismanaged for years as is evident by more than leaking infrastructures.
Water is a basic human right yet we are at a place in Ireland and the World where corporate control, lobbyists and weak politicians target and are miss-selling our natural assets now turning nature into commodity and commodity into capital.
Do your own research on smart meters where wireless microwave radiation and electromagnetic radiation amount to more health hazards in our country where we have an epidemic of depression, cancer and other metal chemically imbalanced based illnesses.
Clean water not fluoridated and sanitation is every citizen’s right. The Law, The Sale & Services Act, Contract Law, and the Consumer Protection Act along with our HUMAN RIGHTS ignored by successive governments and political party’s not willing to stand up against the daily corruption or for us WE THE PEOPLE.
The only way we can begin to realise our full potential is to begin by simply reclaiming our water. No deal. No contract.Non compliance. No flat payment. There is only one goal here and that is person to person, village by village and town by town to unite and dismantle Irish Water created by the greedy that care less for the needy.
Eliminate the fear created by corporate controlled media and educate people with the truth and our rights, on what the realities of privatisation of our natural assets and sovereign rights that belong to this generation and the future not vulture capitalists.
Let us unite and renew a right spirit in the people of this country, a spirit of compassion, justice and care. Let us take back first our water along with our energy and power. Let us together end the fear created by the injustice of their systems which has made resistance a duty. Let it be from today, as “When the herd stands together the lion goes hungry”.

full article at source: https://www.facebook.com/KillarneyBondholderBailouthealthCareProtest/posts/378205229004346?notif_t=notify_me

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