What is truth?

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

This Morning in Wicklow Town the citizens came out in force to show the gangsters in the Dáil  that we the people will NOT allow them to dictate when and where we can use our own water. We showed them that we own Ireland’s water and they cannot just take it off us and force us to pay corrupt front man of the corporate parasites who are the world over trying to get the ordinary people to pay them for the right to live! WE the people have had enough and the game is up! We are now on the move and we will not stop until we have the collaborators and traitors who have sold our countries natural assets to the gambler bondholders! These politicians are traitors and will receive the people’s justice soon enough! The corruption at Irish water must be exposed and all who took part must be stripped of all state payments including bonus and pensions and the must be put into jail! We the people will decide our own future and not the ECB or their bought and paid politicians in the Dáil!


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